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About This Project

Jacob Åberg


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It is in the nature of humans to explore. Whether it be the bottoms of the sea or the struggle against
gravity to reach into the heavens, there exists an inherent wish to explore, reaching into the darkest
depths of the abysses of unknowns, shining a light, and seeing. Just to know what is there.
The empty cavity of the cave has long had a connection to humanity; ever since the primordial man
sought shelter to Plato’s allegorical cave. With the womb being a primary focus of humanity it is
easy to see the similes. In the same way, the fruit is also a well-used symbol in art, with various
meanings depending on the type and state.


While the main principle of photography is showing something as it is, the surrealistic approach
oftentimes aims to show the thing as it is not. A near-complete subversion of the original intent of
photography. These thoughts came to mind as I started working on the series that would become


As a young boy I was drawn to science-fiction, escaping reality for otherworldly adventures. One
particular book that had a profound impact on me was Journey to the Center of the Earth, by Jules
Verne, wherein a team of explorers travel down deep into the earth and find a hidden world. The
descriptions and illustrations in the book served as the seed. In my own explorations, I started
seeing wonderous views; deeply organic, strange landscapes. Landscapes that brought to mind the
intricate inners of the human body.


Photography is, after all, very often dealing with the inner journey on a personal level. In our
exploration, we oftentimes explore ourselves. We travel to other countries not only to learn about
others, but to learn about ourselves.