31 Mar POVA mukana Malakta Foto Labin 2016 toteuttamisessa

Malakta Foto Lab is an international gathering for photographers and artists at the Art Factory Malakta. The Malakta Foto Lab (MFL) is held from 30 June – 3 July 2016.

The MFL gives participants the opportunity to practically and in-depth explore the field of photography through collaborative experimentation and creation in an open and inspiring atmosphere. The focus of the lab is experimentation, creativity and new ways of working. Participants work collaboratively, experimenting with photography in a hands-on way.

Over the course of four days photographic artists Darn Thorn (IRE) and Patricia Rodas (FI) will lead a number of tests that consider a contemporary approach to the genre of landscape in photography. The lab will focus in particular on the use of traditional film based photography. The lab will be held in the end of June to take advantage of the unique Nordic light and “midnight sun” in Finland.

MFL 2016
The theme for 2016 lab is landscape and representation. The focus of Foto Lab will be to consider how the unique light offered by the “midnight sun” can be used for creative purposes. After considering the conceptual and technical implications of working with film cameras in this landscape, each participant will be encouraged to explore how this theme can be used as a communicative device in their own creative practice.

Apply by 22.4.2016 to annika@malakta.fi

Read more in the brochure or Foto Lab’s event page.