Taidegalleria Kaari, Kauhava | 1.10.–30.10.2018 | I Was Not There | Uzi Varon

About This Project

Pohjanmaan valokuvakeskus esittää Uzi Varonin I Was Not There -näyttelyn Kauhavalla Galleria Kaaressa.

The light and themes from sacred art, legends and renaissance art created with the means of photography.The works of this collection are the result of a long study of the art of old masters of renaissance and baroque painting as well as the works of old Flemish still life tradition.

The aim is not to imitate famous masterpieces, but rather to try to capture the magic and spirit of some of the best visual art ever created.In these works the new meets the old, baroque art meets digital photography. The result is a new aesthetic approach to our common cultural heritage.To catch the magic of light and shade, the deep chiaroscuro, involved a complex studio work in a special set.

The Heroines series is built around legendary female characters. In the fashion of classical art the works are projecting familiar themes of Greek and Roman mythology and scenes from the Bible.

The project started with creating the technical solutions for lightning and went on with finding the right models for each theme to pose for the pictures. The models are not professionals, but rather regular people I approached in their everyday chores or in the street.The still life collection was created in the process of searching for ways to bring product photography to a new level. The new was found in the old. Implementing old aesthetics to studio shootings of objects and produce gives it the same charm we find in the classic art.

Uzi Varon is an Israeli photographer currently living and working in Helsinki.

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